At Akiki Auto, we employ premium-quality paints to give your car a fresh-from-the-showroom look. Our team’s skilled craftsmanship and fine detailing will undoubtedly impress you. Whether your car has a tiny scratch or has suffered a substantial collision, allow us to breathe life back into it, restoring its original color and radiance.

Comprehensive auto body and paint repair

  • Dedicated paint blending room – offering impeccable color matching for any vehicle

  • Our refinishing service comes with a lifetime warranty against peeling, popping, and loss of shine

  • Ability to blend and match any color

  • Our body shop is equipped with a prep station where all initial preparation and solvent spraying is performed, avoiding overspray

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Our color matching is code-based, and we utilize a Rapid Match camera to capture a visual color snapshot, ensuring precise color coordination. The waterborne paint we use guarantees an enhanced finish, superior color match, extended durability, and environmental friendliness.


1. We meticulously cleanse the car of all dust, grease, and other particles to create a spotless and debris-free surface.

2. We apply the primer, then sand it down to ready the car for painting.

3. We formulate the paint to harmonize with your vehicle and apply the base coat, top coat, and clear coat.

4. Post-paint, any flaws spotted after drying will be sanded down and eliminated.