For all your wheel repair needs, turn to Akiki Auto, located in Hyde Park, Massachusetts. We are adept at repairing wheels marred by gouges, scratches, scrapes, or curb rashes. Our shop, bearing the ASE certification, has been delivering quality service since 1986. Thanks to our skilled technicians, we have the expertise to refurbish your damaged wheels to a nearly new state! We utilize cutting-edge technology for wheel repairs, focusing on rectifying the damage rather than just disguising it with paint. Opt for our cost-saving solution of repair over replacement for your wheels! Call us at (617) 361-3773 to book your wheel repair appointment today.


Our shop employs a top-tier CNC machine that is programmed to delicately skim a fine layer of aluminum off the rim, thereby resurfacing the wheel. Through this technique, we consistently achieve a perfect finish, often superior to the wheel’s original state when brand new. During wheel resurfacing, we strip the old finish and start the refinishing process from bare metal. To ensure your wheel’s structural soundness, we conduct comprehensive tests before your departure from our shop.

Call us today if you need the following:

  • Wheel Modifications

  • Curb Damage

  • Bent Wheels

  • Custom Paint

  • Missing Pieces

  • Chrome Wheel Repair

  • Crack Repairs

  • Rim Fixing


We can refinish wheels to the original or custom color finish. To learn more about our painting services give us a call at 617-361-3773.